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Mr.M. Senthil Kumar is the Director of ARAM IAS Academy since its inception. His skillset has made him to be backbone of the Academy. He holds together the team with is profound wit and wisdom and he has led the growth and expansion of ARAM.

Mr.Senthil Kumar is an educator at heart and a manager by profession. He thoroughly enjoys working with students and encourage their creative expressions. His enthusiasm is infectious and his team has caught on to the same and have catapulted ARAM to great heights.

He has over 20 years of experience in administration and managing people. He is passionate in helping students achieving their dreams. He also has the innate ability to recognize changing patterns, syllabus and guide students accordingly so that they manage to clear the exams comfortably.

He is also the successful author of “Indian Society for Civil Services Main Examination” publish by Pearson Publications which is the most preferred book referred by the student community on this topic.


Mr. R. Balasubramani is our Creative Head guiding the changes and modifications required based on the evolving UPSC Syllabus. His intricate knowledge in the field has made him to be the precise predictor of UPSC questions every year.

Mr. R. Balasubramani has a proven track record of effectively guiding the students to achieve their dreams. He is the most sought after History faculty in South India. He is also an able administrator effectively guiding the team at ARAM. He brings out the best in others and leads by example.

He has dedicated his time to master history so that he could provide fullest support to the students. And being an Engineering Graduate is an added advantage as the same helps in his critical analysis and problem solving approach.

Because of this excellent interpersonal skills, he is popular with both the students and their parents. He has a calm demeanour and vast experience has made him an able administrator and the face of ARAM.


Mr. Dev Anand Venkateswaran is the Director (Operations) of ARAM IAS ACADEMY. He is part of the Highest Decision Making Body in ARAM IAS Academy. He spearheaded the development of the AIM CIVILS Current Affair Preparation and has been guiding the Team since 2018.

A self-starter with high energy, enabling maximum output even under pressure, Dev Anand is educated by passion and is a caring teacher. He is committed to professional ethics, best standards of practice in the education of the young children. He has proven abilities in problem solving, people management and motivation.

His multifaceted talent is seen from the fact that he worked as a Casual News Presenter in Doordarshan Podhigai (2018-2019) and he is also a well accomplished Psephologist, wherein his talents were utilized to execute a successful election campaign by a registered Political Party during the Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2019-2021.

Apart from his other tasks he is also proving his excellence as a Political Analyst for Mr.M R K Panneerselvam, by being a panel member in the High-Level Steering committee and also the District Secretary of DMK, Cuddalore East since May 2021.

Balancing his various duties and obligations, he has also been engaged as a Consultant of Office of Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.