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A substantial portion of UPSC syllabus is comprised of general studies(GS) subjects. Acknowledging its importance in clearing the exams, we have formulated a comprehensive course design that would facilitate the aspirants to gain proficiency in all GS subjects. On the basis of difficulty levels, the GS classes have been divided into two – Basic classes and Advanced classes to ease the learning process.

Level 1

Basic Classes

The purpose of this level is to teach the fundamental concepts from NCERT, ICSE and other basic books. In addition to classes, regular tests are also conducted to check the conceptual understanding of aspirants.Thus, the prerequisite for advanced learning is fulfilled at this level.

Level 2

Advanced Classes

This level encompasses teaching of the most crucial parts of the syllabus. It enables the aspirants to understand the complexity of subjects and also instils in them, the ability to learn and analyse new concepts on their own. This level also focuses on essay paper which is one of the mark scoring areas in the exam. Additionally, portion wise split up tests are also conducted once in a week after the completion of the relevant portion.

Level 3

Augmenting Phases

Classes are just a facilitating tool to enable aspirants to reach their dream in lesser time. The major chunk of effort has to come from aspirants in the form of self-study and revision. We act as a buttress to aspirants by providing them revision classes and regular tests to increase their productivity.


Relevant Study Materials

Complete revised and updated Relevant Study Materials which includes only the contents with UPSC relevance (Study booklets, class discussion handouts for all topics in General Studies).

Motivational Sessions

Regular Motivational Sessions by IAS, IPS and UPSC toppers to boost your self confidence and morale.


Daily test and regular feedback for all the test papers written by the candidate.

Personal Guidance

Orientation class and Personal Guidance for optional subjects, so that you select the right optional as per your talent and interest.

Limited number of students per batch

Limited number of students per batch so that individual attention is effective.


Student friendly environment.